ABEC11 BigZig HD 74A 75mm Wheels

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75mm BigZig HD
The new Abec 11 HD Wheel Series is a Game Changer. The goal was to take Reflex Formula BigZigs, increase the roll-speed, traction and control, and to smooth out the slides. By using a bigger core, thickening the lips and pouring them in softer 74a and 77a duros, the new HD Series have become the new standard in downhill racing wheels.

Introducing the brand new 75mm BigZig HD - These heavy duty racing models feature a larger/wider core and thicker lips.

75mm BigZig HD 
Reflex Formula. Lime: (74a, 77a)
Offset, 59mm Contact Patch

- Larger core
- Thicker lip- More control
- Higher roll speeds
- Smoother slides
- Longer life spans

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