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Bicycle Services

We service all makes and models of bicycles! Offering affordable pricing on all labor, with thousands of quality parts in stock to help keep your bicycle riding smoothly. 

Every new bicycle sold includes a free 30 and 90 day tune up, to ensure your bike maintains its brand new ride feel even after the initial break in. We recommend all bicycles receive a tune up every 2,000 miles, or about once a season for a moderate bike rider. If you are ever unsure of what might be going on with your bicycle, don't forget that walk-ins are always welcomed!

For pricing as well as estimated repair time, you can stop in anytime, or call us at (810) 982 - 9281.

Below are just a few examples of the many different repairs and services that we offer.


General Tune Up

Do you want your bike to feel brand new? A general tune up includes all basic labors aside from disassembly's, such as brake adjustment, gears, lubing, tire inflation, bolt tightening, in-bike wheel trues etc. 

Brake Repairs

Brakes won't stop you like they used to? Readjust your disc, caliper or coaster brake back to new. We adjust your brake cables and pads to help you brake and keep you safe!


Bike not shifting correctly? Gear adjustments and chain replacements are made simple. Masterlinks, replacement freewheels, derailleur hangers, we have it all!

Tube/Tire Repairs

Run over some glass and pop a tire? We stock all sizes of tubes, tires, rim strips and wheels to help you repair any size wheel. Many tube changes can be done on the spot!

Bike Assembly

Got a brand new bike, but don't know how to assemble it? Don't build it yourself and void your warranty! We offer professional assembly on all makes and models of bikes, regardless of where they were purchased.

Pack to Ship

Need to ship a bike? Let us make it easy for you! We professionally disassemble bikes and cover them in protective pads and wraps, to assure it arrives unscratched and in perfect condition.

Wheel Truing

Feel a wobble coming in your wheel? Adjusting the spoke tension (truing) may be what you need. Our specialty tools and equipment help us true wheels to meet our meticulous standards. 

Bearing Work

Feel a grinding coming from your wheel? It might be time to replace your bearings. Fresh bearings will maintain the longevity of your bike, as well as improving the smoothness of your ride.

Training Wheels

Learning how to balance on a bike? We have both child and adult sized training wheels, to help anyone and everyone trying to learn how to balance on a bicycle.

Custom Work

Got an odd job? We have over 35 years of experience, so we've just about seen it all. Bring in any custom work and we will attempt to assist you with your unique request. If we can't fix it, we will recommend you to someone who can!

Bike Cleats

Taking a cycling class, want new cycling shoes? We stock a variety of sizes and styles of cycling shoes, year round. Let us help to size you into a well fitting, high performing shoe.

Rush Repairs

Need your bike fixed right away? We offer expedited repair times, for when life gives you more than you can handle.