Bicycle Helmet Safety Stunt Shows (Dates and Information)


          Hi I'm Jacob Hager, the BMX specialist at Alpine Cycles. Recently I was approached by the McLaren Port Huron Bicycle Helmet and Safety Committee. I was given the opportunity to ride in bike shows at elementary schools, to help teach about the importance of helmet safety. A week ago, I purchased materials to build a ramp (funded by McLaren Port Huron). With a couple friends, we started the building process.

          Day 1 we had drawn out a plan and bought everything we needed. Day 2 we started building a box jump, and 2 smaller more mellow landing transitions. It took about 8 hours from start to finish, but the final outcome was well worth it! Day 3 we built an extension for the box lip, and a grind ledge for Cody Cepeda. (local skateboarder in the stunt show). We also reinforced the ramp, and painted it silver. I knew the ramp I wanted to build wouldn't fit in the trailer we had planned to use, so I called up an old friend and asked to borrow his, which was used in the past to haul stunt show ramps.


          Day 4 was a very frustrating day. After 2 hours of trying to break the hitch ball free so we could put the trailer on, we ended up having to just buy a whole new hitch. This trailer also didn't work, but luckily we found spacers that fit perfect around the hitch ball. Finally we were on the road, and after a few bad bumps causing us to have to stop and re-strap the ramps, we had reached our destination, an open parking lot on a family members property. By the time we got out there I had about 2 hours of daylight to practice, so I didn't waste a single minute. The way I designed the ramp allows us to move it very easily, giving us many different jump options.

         Today, April 23rd, 2018, is a pretty awesome day. It is 68 degrees, sunny, with no wind at all. Today is my first stunt show, and my birthday! Even better, today's show will be at my moms elementary school! I'm excited to ride the new ramp in front of a crowd and I hope that all of the kids there are stoked during the performance. I will be vlogging for my YouTube channel throughout all of the shows, so make sure to check for those and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of the action! I have all the dates of the shows below.

  • 4/23 Garfield Elementary
  • 4/24 Cleveland Elementary 
  • 4/25 Wilson Elementary
  • 4/26 Roosevelt Elementary
  • 4/30 Kimball Elementary
  • 5/1 Crull Elementary
    • 5/2 Michigamme Elementary