Buying my first Freestyle Scooter! (What is right for me?)

Freestyle Scooters have taken off over the last few years. Many kids are looking to get into the sport of SMX, but choosing your first "pro" scooter can be intimidating. We hope to clear up some of this confusion.

One of the most important things to pay attention to is the strength of the scooter you need. 

When trying to really get into the sport, you want to make sure the scooter you choose to learn on is not only right for your style, but also that it is strong enough to withstand the abuse it is going to take. If you are a smaller rider, weighing 130 pounds or less, most entry level scooters will do well. Brands like Madd Gear, Crisp, and District all have complete lines of entry level scooters, oriented towards younger riders looking to grow into the sport. For someone average sized with more weight, getting a higher end scooter will offer you more performance and longevity. We recommend you go to your local scooter shop and ask your local professional what would work well for your situation.

Do you know your scoot style?

Knowing how you want to ride is important when picking out the right equipment. There are many different customizable parts on a scooter, each of which can signifigantly change the ride. Complete scooters are often set up to fit a certain style. Some riders like a larger deck, which offers more stability for the rider when landing. Other riders may prefer a shorter deck, making tricks like tail whips easier, and reducing weight for higher jumps.

Always seek opportunities to support your community when buying your scooter equipment.

Whether you scoot, skate, BMX, or are simply a spectator, the sport is all about community. It is what drives us to wake up everyday and push ourselves to grow through our sport. The internet is an amazing tool to learn and research products, however, be sure to support your local community by taking your business to shops that support your scene.

Learn more about scooters from our website, or learn about how you can schedule a Freestyle Scooter lesson with Kyle Schoof, local scooter pro!