Go Skate Day 2018 (TCMT Pine Grove Park Edit)

Go Skate Day 2018 was held on June 21st. It is a day simply dedicated to getting out, and riding your skateboard. This tradition started back in 2004, by Don Brown. It is on June 21st because it is the longest day of the summer. TCMT (The Crew) hosted an event at Pine Grove Park. Game of Skate and Best Trick down the stairs are two of the events they held throughout the action packed day. Free pizza was given out to all skaters who participated. 

Alpine Cycles helped sponsor the event by providing giveaways, such as new decks, hats, shirts, wax, etc. Local photographer Jacob Hager filmed clips of riders, then editing it together to help remember the day. 

We are very proud to support the skating community in every way we can. Since opening in 1981, we have worked hard to foster an open and inclusive community that allows everyone to safely enjoy the sports they love. If you have any interest in working together on future events, please contact us at (810) 982-9281.