How many calories can you burn doing Winter Olympic Sports?


If you're like me, you are sitting at home watching the Olympics and thinking, "Man, I could do that!". Then, quickly after, realizing that many of those athletes are teenagers, and I might be past my prime. However, winter activities can be incredible workouts. But exactly how many calories can you burn while skiing or snowboarding?.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing in a whole body workout. To be elite, you need to use your arms, legs, and core effectively and efficiently. For many of us that are not elite, it is all about having fun and enjoying the scenery. A leisurely pace of 2.5 mph will burn anywhere from 500 to 600 calories an hour. If you were to go at an Olympic level pace, you would be burning a massive 1,100 to 1,300 calories an hour. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks to stay fueled up while skiing! Typical cross country packages start at just over $300


Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing doesn't involve as much body movement as cross country skiing, however you are moving much faster! if you are skiing casually, an average person would burn anywhere from 300 to 400 calories in an hour. If you are at Olympic pace, over an hour you could burn between 600 to 700 calories. For newbies, you can get into a new downhill ski package for under $500. Often this is cheaper than renting several times.



Snowboarding is very similar to skiing when it comes to calorie consumption. Depending on your riding style, a typical calorie burn is between 300 and 500 calories in an hour. If you were to push yourself to Olympic pace, you can expect to burn nearly double that, with 500 to 900 calories an hour. Full snowboard packages start at under $500.



The Olympics has a way of lighting a fire in the hearts of many Americans every year. Although not all of us can become Olympic champions, we can all enjoy these same winter sports, while getting a vigorous workout. Although it may seem intimidating, stop into your local winter shop and ask about what it takes to get into each of these sports. Snowboarding, as well as Downhill and Cross Country skiing, can be fun for the whole family, and give you a great workout, all at once! Not to mention, you can enjoy pushing yourself to your limits, pretending that just maybe, one day you will be an Olympian yourself.