How To Earn McMorran $150,000 & a NHL game


There is just ONE MONTH left to show your support for our hometown McMorran Place Arena. Don't let your story go unheard! Many community members want to voice their support, but are unaware how they can help. Today we are going to teach you, step by step, how to properly place your vote!

Step One, Visit The Page

 Click the button below to be taken to the McMorran Kraft Hockeyville page. This is the page dedicated for us to share our stories and show our support. 

Step Two, Share Your Story

Once on the page, you find the Rally Meter, pictured below. This will tell you how many stories, pictures, videos, and notes that have been posted so far. There are FOUR buttons you can press to show your support. ADD MY STORY does the most good for the cause. If you have troubles writing it, CALL US and ask for John Eppley. He will talk with you, listen to your thoughts, and write it up for you.

If that seems too complicated, pictures and notes also go a long way to help, and take much less time. Follow the instructions below to learn how. 


Start by clicking ADD MY STORY. You will be prompted with three simple questions, where you will be asked to explain why McMorran should be the winner. For an example of how we answered the questions, check out our first blog on Kraft Hockeyville.

After, click the ADD A PHOTO button and share any memorable photos or videos you have at the arena. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Next, click the POST A NOTE button. This is where you can post a brief message about the arena. This can be less formal than the story you wrote earlier. Leave a note you would like anyone visiting the page to see!

Step Three, Share With Friends

The last step is to SHARE with all of your friends and family! Share this article or share the McMorran Hockeyville page with everyone you know. We challenge you to vote and make sure that at least three more people around you share their stories as well! This is a community project, so we need everyone involved. Below are the links you need to spread the word!

SHARE Hockeyville page