The Playoffs Are Here (Port Huron Prowlers Playoff Hype)

Hi I'm Jacob Hager, the BMX specialist at Alpine Cycles. I'm a videographer / photographer and a vlogger. Until just recently I've never even been a hockey game. So how did I get into filming for the prowlers? I was saving up for a couple months for my new camera, and ended up receiving it the week of the hockey game (the first one I had filmed). When I got to work, I was handed free tickets by an anonymous being. At first I wasn't too sure if I wanted to go, I couldn't find anyone to give the second ticket to. About a half an hour before game time I received a call from my good friend Andrew Storey, who ended up talking me into going.

I decided to bring my camera gear in my little embarrassing fanny pack, with two batteries and about an hour and 30 minutes of storage to film. If I'm being honest I only planned to take a couple pictures (hence why I didn't have a tripod), but was convinced it would be awesome if I filmed the game for a vlog. So I filmed the whole game until the very last minute when I ran out of storage. The game by the way was amazing, best first hockey game I think I could have ever gone to.

My coworker convinced me that I should upload the video the next morning, so I stayed up until 3am editing the hockey game, cutting it down to all the best parts. I posted it, we shared it to the fan club pages and to my surprise, the video was a hit, reaching almost 1,000 views in the first couple hours. The feedback was amazing, people commented saying they wanted more videos like that one, and after a week of trying to get into the fan club page, I was finally accepted. I was given more free tickets for the next couple of games for me and my buddy Andy. We filmed some more vlogs, everyone loved them and soon enough we were given tickets for all of the playoff games. So here we are, waiting for the first home playoff game! I've made a hype video to get everyone excited and to give a little teaser as to how to final playoff highlights video will look! Be ready for the vlogs these next few weekends and we hope to see you all there!