Local, Professional Skate Sharpening


Downtown Port Huron's own Warwick Mask Company has been making specialty goalie masks since 1968. Warwick Mask dominates the market of high end goalie masks, making custom masks for superstars such as Eddie Belfour, Dominick Hasek, Ryan Miller, and many more.


Warwick is also the destination location for Skate Sharpening! High level hockey players travel to and trust Warwick. They are trained in the Maximum Edge sharpening system, to finish all skate blades. A patented finishing process after a special edge profiling service increases the #1 factor in skating - skater control. To learn more about there process, visit the Maximum Edge website.


If you know a young hockey player, figure skater, or are visiting town for Silver Stick, take the time to come visit Warwick mask. Not only can you expect high level service from trained and experienced professionals, you will be greeted with smiling faces and a one of a kind hockey environment. Warwick's mission expands beyond the business, hoping to inspire young skaters to reach their goals and achieve on the highest level. Offering top notch skate service, support, as well as a connection to the community, Warwick will spark a passion in any aspiring skater.

To get in contact with Warwick, give them a call at (810)966-3431, or by email at warwickmask@comcast.net. Pricing is based on estimate, starting at $5.