Comfort Bikes are our specialty! We can help fit all customers into a bicycle that they feel both safe, and comfortable while riding. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help accommodate to any disabilities, specials needs, or unique request that you may have.

Test rides are the best way to see what fits you, so stop in anytime or call us to get started!

Pedal Forward Bikes

Over the past few years, pedal forward bikes have taken over the comfort bike category. By moving the position of the bottom bracket forward on the bike, it moves the pedal stroke ahead as well. This allows the rider to sit in a more upright position, putting less strain on their joints. This seating position sits the rider lower to the ground, comfortably being able to rest their feet on the ground when stopping. The Schwinn Sivica and Giant Suede are two bikes that need to be riden to understand the tue level of comfort available!

"For riders who want a cross-generational bike that adds both value and fun to their life. Sivica will pump up the shine of a bold personality or dress down for the more practical." - Schwinn

"Make daily trips or weekend adventures a true delight on this confidence-inspiring ride."  - Liv

Comfort Hybrids

Live on a dirt road? Looking for a mountain bike style, but with less strain on the body? Comfort hybrids offer versatility for a rider to stay comfortable while still being able to tackle all terrains!  

"Sedona is designed with the stable, confident stance of a mountain bike, including comfortable fat tires and upright positioning. But it’s equally at home just cruising the streets. With a lightweight aluminum frame, available suspension for off-road excursions, and a broad range of gears, it’s a bike that’s always ready to keep the adventure going." - Giant

"Smooth-rolling 700c wheels give Cypress a comfortable ride, even when things get a little bumpy. The suspension seat post soaks up shocks, and the lightweight aluminum frame provides a comfortable, upright ride. Just keep pedaling and enjoy the ride." - Giant

Classic Cruisers

Looking for a modern version of an old school beach cruiser? Get the classic beach cruiser feel that allows the rider to relax, and let the stress melt away. Cruisers feature comfortable seats, and handlebars that come back to the rider. Many of these classic style bikes also offer options such as a coaster brake, internal gears, or no speeds at all!

Schwinn Hornet

Schwinn Miscreant

Schwinn Panther

There are many more comfortable options available, with a few pictured below. It's impossible to know what works for you online, so be sure to stop in and test ride them for yourself!

The Giant Momentum Rocker is perfect for tackling rough city streets, light dirt trails, a casual roll in the park, or even at the beach!

The Trailmate Desoto Classic adult 3-wheeler is famous for its comfortable ride, responsive performance and terrific value.

The Sun recumbent is safer, more comfortable, and faster than a tradition bicycle. Recumbants offer a unique feel.

The Sun Streamway 7 is a low step over bicycle aimed to help those with difficulties lifting their leg over a bike ride comfortable and carefree.