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Alpine #swag

Look stylish while supporting your favorite skate shop! Our shirts and hoodies are all locally made by The Imprint House. Our infamous Alpine stickers can also be found all around the world, stuck in unique spots by one of our many supporters.



Need to update your wardrobe with something a little more skater? Find some fresh threads from some of the trendiest brands. Thrasher, Asphalt Yacht club, Loaded, Orangatang, Jerry Shirts, and more.



Safety Gear

The safety of our customers is our number one concern. We offer a variety of safety gear to make sure every ride is a safe one. Feel comfortable in your new helmet with our free professional fitting. Talk to our experienced staff to get valuable advice in how to stay safe while enjoying the sport you love.



Everyone loves stickers, which is why we stock HUNDREDS. Sticker bomb your board, bike, laptop, car or your favorite spot to ride!



Got a sticky rail that you've been dying to ride? We have skate specific wax from the most popular brands in the skate game. 



Are your trucks too tight, or maybe your bolts are too loose? Come grab a skate tool, so you can fine tune your setup  while on the go.


Old School

Trying to get back into skating? Get a set up that is exactly what you used to ride! We not only carry a variety of old school decks, we also have trucks and wheels to match your OG riding style



Looking to decorate your man cave? We cover our shop in skate banners! If there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask!



Need something to keep your hands busy? We carry the best skate related novelties available. Fidget spinners, car air fresheners, Independent dart boards, and many more!