Longboards have been around for years, and over the past decade they have exploded into a staple of our community. For over 30 years, we have been the premier location to pick up your new longboard. We stock everything from affordable completes to high end, custom cruisers. Come in and allow us to help you pick from our huge selection of completes and custom boards. We can help you customize any set-up to fit your specific preferences.


When you are a beginner, building up a custom set up from scratch can be intimidating. This is why all of our complete longboards come pre-built and ready to ride! These boards are always made with a riding style in mind. Let us help you find your ride!



We stock a selection of the industries best longboard decks. On display you will see a full line of California-made Loaded Boards, along with all accompanying Loaded gear. We also proudly carry American-made Moonshine decks. It is because of the superior manufacturing from our brands that we can proudly offer high quality products with confidence, knowing each customer rides the best.


Longboard Components



Every turn starts with your trucks. Choosing the right trucks can significantly alter the feel of your board. We stock a variety of trucks designed to fit all preferences. Performance can range from responsive down hill trucks, to soft and carvey cruisers. Also available are replacement parts such as kingpins, bushings, pivot cups, axel nuts, spacers, etc.



All skate bearings are the same size, what changes is quality. Generally, the more expensive the bearings are, the better they roll. Cheaper bearings will have cheaper materials, while higher end bearings are professionally machined with quality materials. Ceramic bearings offer the smoothest roll for longboarders looking to get the most out of each push.



Depending on your riding style, the right choice for wheels can vary greatly. Street riders, pool riders, downhill rippers, and casual cruisers will all prefer a setup geared a little different. We have the inventory and expertise to help you choose the right set from our wide selection of longboard wheels.

We proudly carry

These are just some of the many brands we continually support. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to ask!


Longboard Blogs

Brands include: Arbor, Bustin, Comet, Dregs, Dusters, Earthwing, Globe, Ham, Honey, Kebbek, Krown, Landyachtz, Loaded, Method, Moonshine, Mystery, Paradise, Penny,  Rayne, Riviera,Sector-9, Slant, Z-flex, and more!