The advantage of shopping at your local bike shop is we stock thousands of quality bicycle parts everyday, to ensure we your bicycle is always ready when you need it. Stop in and we will take our time to listen to you, in order to better recommend the best parts to maximize your cycling experience.

Tubes / Tires / Wheels

We stock most sizes of tubes, tires and wheels, all year round. We also carry odd sizes for wheelchairs, wagons, strollers, carts etc.

Brake Parts

Replacement brake pads, disc brakes, cables, levers, hydraulic fluid / lines, coaster brake parts, etc.

Drivetrain / Derailleur

Chains, derailleurs, cassettes, freewheels, shifters, cranksets, bottom brackets, chain rings, etc.

Handlebars / Grips

Replacement handlebars, grips, bar tape, bar ends, bar plugs, aero bars, and much more.

Pedals / Cleats

SPD and Road style cycling cleats, and a variety of other styles. MTB, Road, Fitness, Touring, Commuting style cycling shoes and more! 

Saddles / Seatposts

Bicycle saddles range from narrow, performance oriented seats, to plushy wide saddles for maximum comfort. 

Forks / Headsets / Stems

Suspension and rigid forks, adjustable stems, stem risers, replacement head set bearings, and more.

Cranks / Bottom Brackets

3-piece cranks, replacement bottom bracket bearings, bottom bracket sets, cartridges, axels, leftside crank arms, nuts/bolts,  etc.