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Skate Park Locater

There are some important questions that need to be answered when considering where you want to ride:

  • Do they allow boards, bikes and scooters?
  • What are the hours? Do they have lights?
  • What does it look like, what features does it have?
  • Is there any cost?
  • Is it possible to contact them ahead of time to check?

Below are the names of some parks, when clicked it will take you to a page with all the information for your next riding adventure.

Add a Skate Park

Park are listed in order of distance from Alpine Cycles in miles, then minutes driving.

Indoor Parks

Outdoor Parks

  • Optimist                 1 mi (4m)     
  • Marysville              5 mi (12m)
  • St. Clair                  12 mi (20m)
  • Algonac                 23 mi (40m)
  • Beebe                    25 mi (30m)
  • Armada                 35 mi (40m)
  • Woodall                49 mi (1hr)
  • Troy                      55 mi (1hr)
  • Clawson               57 mi (1hr 10m)
  • The Wig                63 mi (1hr)
  • Riley                     80 mi (1hr 15m)
  • Sterling Heights  80 mi (1hr 15m)