Port Huron Skatepark Project

Port Huron Awarded Tony Hawk Foundation Matching Grant, Fundraising and Work For New Skatepark Begins

This is where we start.

The City of Port Huron has worked hard to win a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, awarding matching funds to build a new skatepark, at $250,000. First, we come together to figure out what our perfect skatepark will look like. Afterwards, we will have to raise the matching funds needed to fulfill the grant and start building our dream skatepark.

A team of local riders have volunteered to help plan and  design the park, including Rich Pond, Jacob Hager, Cody Cepeda, and more. We are looking for your input! We have created a community poll, aimed to collect community interest in the skatepark. This is where you can give your ideas and get involved! We hope to have early ideas finalized as soon as possible to allow ample time to plan.

We still need to raise a quarter of a million dollars to make this a reality.

Building a skatepark isn't cheap. We need to find creative ways to raise money for its construction and maintenance. Luckily, it has been demonstrated that concrete skateparks require very little maintenance. This allows budget for potential additions like lights, drinking fountains, trash removal, etc. The Tony Hawk Foundation website has a phenomenal Public Skatepark Development Guide resources that make understanding the ins and outs of  this process simple to understand. Be sure to click the button above to learn more.

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