Winter Accessories

Want to get some wax before your big trip? Need a leash for your snowboard? Need to find a way to safely travel with your skis? Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. We have all the accessories you will need to make this winter unforgettable.



Protect your equipment with ski and snowboard bags padded with high quality, closed cell polypropylene foam, for total protection.

DIY Equipment

Service it yourself! Wax, Ptex, heating irons, edge kits, plexiglass scrapers, snowboard leashes, Race Paste, and much more!


Double vented, fog proof, helmet compatible, with 100% UVA and UVB sun protection. All of our goggles meet this standard.


An estimated 25,000 skiers annually suffer head injuries severe enough to lose consciousness from NOT wearing a helmet. Be smart, wear a helmet.


Replacement Parts

Find the missing part you need to fix your setup! We both stock spare parts, as well as service all winter gear and equipment.


Separate yourself from the rest with a unique collection of the finest snowboard brand stickers.

Stomp Pads

Instantly improve your snow board with a stylish stomp pad. These allow a resting spot for your rear boot when it's out of it's binding.


For the extra cold days! Hand warmers will thaw the coldest hands, and boot warmers will quickly dry your wet shoes/boots.

Looking for Winter Clothing?