Cross Country Skis

Choosing a cross country ski package is easy and affordable! We offer a variety of package deals, that give you the best price and all the right equipment you need for your next adventure. These packages include skis, boots, bindings and poles. We start by assisting you with selecting the appropriate style and size of cross country skis for your skiing style. Next, we will measure your feet, so you can try on comfortable, warm boots. Bindings on these skis are all the same, so they just need to be adjusted to your boot size. The final step is choosing your poles, which is simply determined by height. Through this process, we can assure each skier gets the proper attention to detail that they deserve. Often we will assemble and tune your skis while you wait, so you can waste no time in getting yourself on the snow.


XC Skis

A large majority of skiers in this area will be looking into getting what are known as Touring Cross Country skis. This will be an all around, fast and efficient ski that's made primarily for mixed trails. If you are looking to get a bit more aggressive with your skiing, or you will be skiing in areas where you would benefit from a bit more stability, there are performance or even metal edged cross country skis. Skis like this will be shorter, wider, and have a stiffer flex that work best on ungroomed trails.


XC Boots

Boots are what controls your skis, making them the most important piece in your cross country package. Additional ankle support is a feature many skiers enjoy in their boots. We will help size your feet, so you can try on boots until you find the proper fit. 


XC Bindings

All cross country bindings here use the NNN (New Nordic Norm) system. This means that all of our cross country binding are made to one, industry standard quality. 


XC Poles

Proper fitting cross country poles allow for fluid movements and work to minimize wasted energy on the trails. Our aluminum poles offer the strength and responsive flex needed. We will help size you to assure your equipment is always properly fitting.


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Cross Country Ski Blogs

Brands include: Alpina, Rossignol, Whitewoods, and more!